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The New Jersey Pine Barrens

The wildlife, history and folklore of the Pines

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The Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey is a precious habitat with a unique history, home to many species of plants and animals rare and/or unique to the Pine Barrens, found nowhere else on Earth.

The Pinelands include portions of seven southern New Jersey counties, and encompasses over one-million acres of farms, forests and wetlands. In 1978 it was established by Congress as the country’s first National Reserve. As a United States Biosphere Reserve, the Pinelands also serves as a laboratory for fostering a harmonious relationship between humans and their environment through a program of research that integrates the social, physical and biological sciences.

The Pinelands is truly a special place. Its people are distinguished by a unique relationship with their environment, and the environment is distinguished by being habitat for over a thousand species of plants and animals--almost 100 of which are threatened or endangered.

Here we post pictures and discuss the protection, conservation and stewardship of the wildlife, history and folklore of this region.
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